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Moving on, the Homepage tab enables you tochange the template of your homepage title and metadescription templates.: The first field includes multiple variables that make up the structure of your template - these can be altered to suit your preferences, but we recommend keeping your site name in there as well as your site description including keywords. For example, sitename page sep sitedesc. Breaking it down, there are fourpercentage symbolssurrounding each variable - your site name, page name, description, and a separator. As for meta descriptions, you should be writinga unique one for each page, so keep this blank. Heres a list of the variables you can employ in both fields. Keep it handy, because youll need it during the next few sections. Moving on, the Post Types tab looks intimidating, but it should be simple to grasp if youve stuck with us so far. It includes title and meta description template fields for your posts, pages, media, and other custom post types - as well as the option to non-index each of these, show dates in your previews, and toggle display of the Yoast SEO meta box.:
Utiliser des variables sur son site contenu et title - Jérémy Vaucher, Consultant SEO.
Je lutilise vraiment dans le but de ne pas laisser traîner des contenus obsolètes comme lexemple des prix, pour être sur davoir les mêmes prix actualisés sur toutes les pages. En terme de SEO pas sûr que ce soit très bon dutiliser les shortcodes pour remplacer des morceaux de textes dans différentes pages, ça sappelle du contenu dupliqué! Des variables dans les titles avec YOAST.
Comment utiliser Yoast SEO? - Geek Daily.
Peut-être que vous navez pas utilisé lassistant de configuration. Vous pouvez y accéder dans la zone Rechercher Apparence. Cliquez sur longlet Général et vous pouvez ensuite modifier les données de votre organisation ou de votre personne. Graphique de connaissances Schema.org. Depuis le 16 avril 2019, Yoast SEO version 11 prend en charge plus de données structurées que jamais auparavant. Il est ajouté en tant que JSON-LD au code de votre site et ils prennent en charge lorganisation, la personne, le site Web, la page Web et le schéma darticle. Vous pouvez tester votre site WordPress à laide de Google Structured Data Testing Tool. Outil de test de données structurées Google. La zone Apparence de recherche fournit également des moyens impressionnants dautomatiser une grande partie de votre référencement sur la page. Essentiellement, Yoast SEO vous permet de définir des modèles pour les titres SEO et les méta-descriptions pour tous vos.: Types de poste personnalisés. Yoast SEO types de contenu. Ce qui rend cela si puissant, cest que vous pouvez utiliser un large éventail de variables pour insérer dynamiquement des informations, y compris des informations contenues dans des champs personnalisés.
How To Create Custom Variable title For Meta Field In Wordpress For Yoast Seo Plugin.
You can target a custom meta field by using cf_custom-field-name in your SEO Title field. Here's' a reference of all the available variables on Yoast.: Yoast SEO: Titles Metas template variables. Here's' an example of what it should look like.:
Custom Fields in Yoast SEO Page Titles - MBurnette.
Full Day Guided Tour Bobs Tours. But what I really wanted is something like this.: Full Day Guided Tour Orlando, FL Bobs Tours. Normally, wed just set those things in Yoast on each page and move on with our lives, but this site happens to have hundreds of these tour pages - each generated by folks that have signed up for the site and posted their own tours. Hopefully you see the dilemma we have. Thankfully, Yoast SEO has some built in features that help us accomplish the task at hand! While its not immediately obvious from within the WordPress interface, the documentation gives us exactly what we need - a list of variables we can use to inject a custom field pattern into our post type page titles! First things first, lets get to where the site-wide page titles are set so we can add our custom field. In the WordPress admin, surf to the Search Appearance section under the SEO menu item. Once there, make your way to the Content Types tab. Scroll down to the content type that you want to modify. Find the section that mentions the SEO title.
Query Vars, Post Titles, and Yoast SEO - Half-Elf on Tech.
Well that would suck. It sucks for you reading, it sucks for screenreaders, and if you have Yoast SEO, its quite easy to fix. Custom Yoasty Variables and Titles. Step one is to revisit something I did two years ago, making a custom Yoast SEO variable.
Yoast_Seo.JS - Yoast_Settings does not have expected variables set. 2843302 Drupal.org.
Yoast SEO - 8.x-1.1 - 2016-Dec-05. Now the issue is the following.; TypeError: yoast_settings.default_text is undefined - yoast_seo.js:43:15.: I have attached two screenshots detailing the error, as well as a list of properties in the settings.yoast_seo/yoast_settings object, strange thing is that the yoast_seo object doesn't' seem to have some core variables that are required for initialisation of the JS file, for example.
How to check if the Yoast SEO title has been manually set in the wpseo_title filter? - Askto.pro.
The use of an array of global variables by the authors of Yoast is, of course, another matter But, thanks for the solution. Share on Facebook. Share on Twitter. Added an answer on May 23, 2021 2:50: PM. Michael Molina, I'm' talking about the very fact of storing data in a global array a stone in the Yoast SEO garden.
inc-class-wpseo-replace-vars file Yoast Seo hookr.io.
Allows filtering of the terms list used to replace category, tag and ct_custom-tax-name variables. api string $output Comma-delimited string containing the terms. return apply_filters wpseo_terms, $output. End of class WPSEO_Replace_Vars. Setup the class statics when the file is first loaded.

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